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Algarve became the Best Destinations for Nature Lovers

Algarve is a region located in the south of Portugal that tends to attract a lot of tourists. While most people tend to come to the Algarve because of the amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and great golf courses, the truth is that Algarve had recently being pointed has the best destination for Nature lovers.

In case you are a nature lover, we leave you here 7 awesome places to get inspired by nature.

#1: Cape St. Vincent

Constituted as a natural reserve since 1988, Cape St. Vincent is the ideal place to visit when you are a nature fan. Besides being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Algarve, there’s a history behind. Before people understand that the world was round they thought that the Cape St. Vincent was “the end of the world”. One of the things that you will notice is a huge number of species that make Cape St. Vincent their home.

When you head there, be prepared to see Bonelli’s eagles, Great Spotted Cuckooherons, sea otters, among many others. In September/October there’s always the Birdwatching Festival in Sagres, that we usually attend with guests.

In case you’re interested in seeing a bit more in the surroundings, you can head to Sagres and visit the old monastery, the lighthouse, and the Sagres fortress.
Sagres is always the last city where it ends our Walking and cycling tours in South West Coast of Portugal, our where it start our cycling tours in Algarve.


#2: Monchique:

Monchique is where you’ll be able to appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the rural Algarve, is located in the Serra de Monchique that separates Algarve from Alentejo. As soon as you get there, you’ll see plenty of trails surrounded by pine trees, chestnut, and oak. It’s the perfect place for a picnic, for hikers or cyclists who want to take a deeper look at the real Algarve.

Since you’re already at the Serra de Monchique, make sure that you take a walk up to Fóia, which is the highest peak in the region, with 902 m. This is just another panoramic view that you can’t miss out. And…. During winter we have beautiful hidden waterfalls. Our guides can take you there.

But your contact with nature in the Monchique area don’t need to stop here. There are also other places that you may want to check out. The first one is Barranco dos Pisões (Pisões Ravine), which is located right in the middle of a dense forest. While here, you also can do a small walk to the Moinho do Poucochinho, which is an old grinding cereal watermill.

The second place that you should consider visit is the Parque da Mina (Mina Park). This is an old farmhouse from the 18th century located in Vila de Boi. You’ll be able to visit the entire property from the house to the medronho distillery, the old mine they have there as well as hundreds of farm animals.

#3: Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade is located near Lagos and we highly recommend that you check it out because the view is breathtaking, possibly is one of the most beautiful natural scenery of the Algarve coast. However, since you can go there either by land or by boat, we advise you to go by boat.

#4: 7 Hanging Valleys Walk

The 7 Hanging Valleys Walk is a 5.7 km walking route where you follow the Marinha beach cliffs to the Vale Centeanes beach. You just can’t imagine all the beauty that you’ll be able to enjoy.

In case you decide to go here, make sure that you bring your swimming suit since you’ll be about to pass by three of the best beaches in Algarve: the Marinha beach, the Vale Centeanes beach, and the Benagil beach.
Make sure you get the best of it with our amazing private tour Hanging Valleys Full day with our nature guide. Lunch, walking and sea experience included.

#5: Ria Formosa Natural Park

Ria Formosa Natural Park is a very special place for nature lovers, after all, it has a huge biodiversity within more than 18,000 ha and 60 km length. Ria Formosa Natural Park is a natural reserve since 1978 and later in 1987 was turned into a Natural Park. It has the largest seahorse’s communities that you can visit on our boat tours.

This protected and beautiful area is also very appreciated by birdwatchers as well as hikers and cyclists. Algarve Nature Tours offers you a huge variety of half day, full day and even several days program in Ria Formosa. It is a great experience to cycle on the saltpans of Ria Formosa, or having a walk tour and observe the bird species in Ludo or Deserta Island.

#6: Tavira


Even though Tavira can’t actually be considered a specific place for nature lovers, the truth is that we had to include it here in this list. The fact that this little city is so picturesque and that is so full of history got us. In this lovely town you can see from the ruins of a castle, where you can have the most amazing view of this little city, to an old Arab quarter, 21 different churches, and even a Roman bridge. And you can also take our salt pans tours and learn with our guide all about the sea salt extraction process.

#7: Cacela Velha

In case you decide to stop by Tavira, make sure that you head to Cacela Velha village afterward. Located just 11 km from Tavira, you can even go by bike. In Cacelha Velha you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxed way of living of the locals and the great views over the Ria Formosa Natural Park and over the sea. If you manage to make it on time, this is one of the best spots to see the sunset. The light of the sun over the Natural Park and over the sea are just breath-taking.


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