Arabic Aljezur

Aljezur is the second most hospitable “city” in Portugal!


Tour Description

The presence of the Moors in the territory that is nowadays Portugal lasted for about 500 years. Nonetheless, the Portuguese tend to forget the Arab heritage that is so deep rooted in who they are as a country.
Aljezur was the last stronghold to be conquered by the Portuguese Christians to the Moors and keeps in its essence many of the leads and secrets of what would be the society ot that era.

During this tour we will yisit the local Market and reveal the agricultural, gastronomical and cultural IegacY that the Moors left. We will understand the importance of Al-Jazeera as an important commercial port during the 10th and 11th centuries. We will navigate the old Medina streets and visit key-places of this little gem on the Costa Vicentina, which will culminate at the Arab origin Castle at the peak of the mount. We will then finish the morning with a lunch full of gastronomical elements that will transport us to the kingdom of AI-Gharb, in an unforgettable trade of flavours and experiences.

Curiosities about Arabic influence:

Linguistic Influence:

  • The name “Aljezur” itself has Arabic origins, derived from “Al Jazira,” which means “the island.” Though the town isn’t an island, it was metaphorically referred to as such due to its position surrounded by rivers in ancient times.

Architectural Traces:

  • The Moorish Castle in Aljezur stands as a testament to the town’s Arab heritage. While the castle now lies in ruins, its architecture reflects the design and construction techniques characteristic of Moorish fortresses.

Agricultural Practices:

  • The Moors introduced advanced irrigation systems and agricultural techniques, including the construction of water channels (acequias) and terraced farming methods. These methods had a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape of Aljezur.

Cultural Influence:

  • Elements of Arab culture, such as music, cuisine, and certain local traditions, have also left their mark on the region’s cultural heritage, adding to the diverse tapestry of Aljezur’s identity.


The Arabic legacy in Aljezur is a significant part of its history, enriching the town’s cultural fabric and contributing to its unique character. While the influence might not be as visibly pronounced today, its remnants echo through the town’s architecture, traditions, and even its name, showcasing the enduring heritage of Aljezur’s past.


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What's included:

Expert personal guiding

visit tour in Aljezur

Visit and Interpretation of the Local Market and castle

Optional: Lunch at a restaurant with marrocan food.

Not included


Monday to Saturday - Start at 9:30 AM


4 Hours

Group Size

Minium 2 persons

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270€ + 40€ (lunch p/pax)