Cork Factory Guided Tour – Algarve

Find out more about cork and it’s applications


Tour Description

For around 45 minutes guests are able to understand the full process of the Cork Industry, from the harvesting to end products. We start with a briefing followed by a walk through in the factory to see first-hand how everything works.

As a add-on, you can also visit the cork forest, interpreting heritage, culture and landscape and you can also plant a Cork Tree! Accompanied by a private guide.

Learn and see all the process from cork tree to cork products

Get a real experience of the workers and machines at labor and see the end result

Detailed itinerary

“I just wanted to let you know, that we had the most wonderful visit to the cork factory today.”

Jason M.

Tour Info

What's included:


Not included


Monday to Friday



Group Size

2 pax min

Price Info

Factory Tour (45minutes) - Price per person as from 16,50€ / Factory Tour + Cork Plantation (1h30) - Price per person as from 24,00€ /  Plant your Cork Tree with a visit in a Cork area (1h00) - Price per person as from 15,00€