Visit Loulé Market and taste the local flavours

The charming city of Loulé is one of the Algarve’s most precious secrets!


Tour Description

Since the earliest of times, Loulé has been a center of great commercial activity as well known for the craftsmen (coppersmiih, palm weavers or potters. Nowadays, we can still see some of them working at their workshops.

The Loulé Market is the main atraction here: a magnificent edifice of neo-Arabic style, with more 100 Years, that extends the bustle to the surrounding streets. Here we can find all sorts of local products, such as fresh vegetables, fish and fruits that grow in Loulé’s surrounding.

In this tour we will visit the old and tradicional City of Loulé, some special people that make the place alive and get the opportunity to taste the regional pastries, in a local familiar factory, taste dried fruits and in the end we’ll taste some tradicional “Petiscos” served in a typical Portuguese restaurant.

A Loulé Market Tour is a fantastic opportunity to engage your senses, explore local produce, interact with locals, and discover the authentic flavors and culture of the Algarve region in Portugal. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking an immersive and enjoyable experience in this part of the country.

Additional Information:

  • Events and Festivals: Sometimes, the market hosts special events, cultural festivals, or live performances, providing added entertainment and insights into local traditions.
  • Surrounding Attractions: Loulé itself boasts historical landmarks such as the Castle of Loulé and the beautiful Loulé Municipal Market building, showcasing Moorish architecture.

The Loulé Market is a bustling and colorful marketplace that showcases a wide array of local produce, crafts, and traditional goods.

Explore stalls filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheeses, spices, and regional delicacies. Sample local specialties and freshly prepared food.

Interact with vendors and locals, getting a glimpse into their daily lives and traditional practices.

Beyond food, the market often features artisans selling handmade crafts, ceramics, textiles, and souvenirs.

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What's included:

Personal Guiding

Visit tour in Loulé

Visit an artisanal pastry shop

Visit a tradicional grocery shop

Visit local market

Tasting of tradicional snacks at a tradicional and popular restaurant

Not included


Monday to Saturday - Start 10:30 AM


Half Day - 3,5 Hours

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Minium 2 persons

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