Be a Chef for a Day in Azores

In the Furnas Lagoon, it is time for the chefs to show their cooking skills by making lunch!


Tour Description

Furnas Lagoon, located on São Miguel Island in the Azores, is a stunning natural attraction surrounded by lush greenery and volcanic landscapes. This lagoon is famous for its geothermal activity, hot springs, and bubbling mud pots. The area offers a unique experience for visitors.

In the Furnas Lagoon, it is time for the chefs to show their cooking skills by making lunch!

The day begins with pick-up at the hotel at 07:45 am, stopping at the Graça Market to buy ingredients for lunch (fish, vegetables, wine, and regional bread). Drive to the Furnas with a stop in Vila Franca do Campo, to taste the famous Queijada da Vila.
In the Furnas Lagoon, it is time for the chefs to show off their skills in cooking lunch. After finishing the culinary tasks, we start with our walking tour, around the Furnas lagoon, ending in the village of Furnas (a very easy walk), with the possibility of a bath in the hot springs of Poça da Dona Beija.

Return to the area of the lagoon (Caldeiras), for the lunch pick-up (from the ground), that will be served, in the zone reserved for picnics around the lagoon.
After lunch, return to the road (North Coast). After the first stop in the sour waters of Furnas, we continue to the viewpoint of Pico do Ferro, for tea in Fábrica de Chá da Gorreana.
Pass through the viewpoint of Santa Iria and return to the hotel.

NOTE: Equipment: A very sharp knife, light walking shoes, shorts or a bathing suit, towel, and a good mood.


  1. Geothermal Cooking: One of the most intriguing aspects is the traditional Cozido das Furnas. Locals prepare a stew called “Cozido” by burying pots filled with meat, vegetables, and sometimes sausages in the volcanic soil, allowing the natural heat to cook the meal over several hours. It’s an iconic dish you can taste in nearby restaurants.
  2. Natural Hot Springs: The area around Furnas Lagoon is dotted with hot springs and thermal pools. Visitors can take relaxing baths in these naturally heated waters.
  3. Scenic Views: The landscape surrounding Furnas Lagoon is breathtaking. There are viewpoints offering stunning panoramic views of the lagoon and the surrounding volcanic terrain.
  4. Botanical Garden and Parks: Explore Terra Nostra Park, a beautifully landscaped garden with diverse flora, thermal pools, and walking trails. The park is an excellent spot for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty of the Azores.
  5. Hiking Trails: The area offers various hiking trails that showcase the unique volcanic landscape and lead to scenic viewpoints. Check our hiking tours in Algarve Nature Tours site.

Visiting Furnas Lagoon provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, explore volcanic landscapes, and indulge in unique culinary experiences.




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Monday to Saturday - Start at 9:00AM


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Price per person - 95€ / Childrens 3-11 years old - 65€