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Relieve pain, tension and stress on the Salt Pans Natural Spa

Located in Castro Marim, in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, these salt pans have been in this family for over 150 year. Always in artisanal way,without use any chemicals, machines and oils to maintain the salt’s purity.

The water enters the pans from the Atlantic Ocean at high tide and how it is filtered to produce top quality Flor do Sal (Flower of Salt).

Flor do Sal is hand-harvested by workers who scrape on the top layer of salt before it sinks to the bottom of the salt pans. As it dries, it forms small sheets that easily crumble between the fingers. Flor do Sal is considered an artisanal food product. Due to its labor-intensive production it is one of the most expensive salts.

In Salt Spa you can pull a sun chair and relax while you  enjoy the benefits from the salt pools.

They are a  kind of  healing waters that preserve mineral elements from the ocean water, including essential traces of magnesium and potassium.

The salt residue softens and hydrates the skin, acting as a natural antiseptic and reliever of pain, tension and stress.

The salt also works as a natural exfoliating scrub and the black mud hardens and turns dark grey as it dries in the sun. Just like a regular face mask, it can easily be washed off again.

The experience of floating in a salt pool is different of anything that you experience before.

You floats right on the surface, deeper into the water is nearly impossible.

 It feels like swimming through air, completely weightless!!


Would you be brave enough to try it?


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