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Portugal launches Covid-19 travel insurance for international tourists!

Visitors who are planning their holidays in Portugal can now subscribe to Portugal Travel Insurance, a travel insurance adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The insurance has been introduced with the aim of demonstrating that the country is safe for travelers and covers a range of different expenses, including medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and hospital expenses related to coronavirus, as well as refunds for flight cancellation, interruption, also due to the same pandemic.

The objective is to guarantee, to all who visit Portugal, that they can travel around the country, safe and with confidence.

This is another initiative that Turismo de Portugal is disseminating to international markets to strengthen the security of the destination, which comes in addition to the creation of the Clean & Safe Seal and the renewal of the Portugal Health Passport, which now includes tests COVID-19 and to be available to all who visit our country.

These are some of the Covers from Portugal Travel Insurance:

Unlimited access to a tourist assistance service:

● Medical advice
● Online medical consultation
● Information about hospitals, clinics and doctors best suited to the situation
● Sending a doctor to the hotel or tourist resort
● Urgent shipping of medicines
● Sanitary transportation of the wounded and sick to the nearest hospital
● Repatriation to the point of origin when in a terminal state or similar
● Assistance for luggage theft in Portugal

● Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Expenses in Portugal
● Repatriation to the point of origin or in the event of the death of the insured person
● Follow-up in case of hospitalization, with transportation and accommodation
● Children care
● Return ticket in case of illness and accident covered
● Hotel staying extensions
● Assistance for theft of identification documents in Portugal

We recommend reading Terms&Conditions

For more details we provide you all the information in the links above:

Travel Insurance http://portugaltravelinsurance.com

Portugal Health Passport https://portugalhealthpassport.com

Clean & Safe Stamp https://portugalcleanandsafe.com/en

COVID-19 Measures http://bit.ly/2WAQ5pp

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