516 Arouca Suspension Bridge and Paiva Walkways Experience

Discover the unspoiled beauty of Arouca with a unique journey along the famous Paiva Walkways.


Tour Description

This is the best choice for a 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge and Paiva Walkways Experience from Porto. Go out on an adventure and cross the 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge, the biggest suspension bridge in the world, followed by a guided tour along the Paiva Walkways. End your experience with a superb typical regional meal at a local restaurant.

The 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge, named for its length of 516 meters, stands as the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. Spanning across the Paiva River and connecting the banks of the river gorge, this bridge provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Walking across it offers an exhilarating experience as you feel the bridge sway gently, providing an adrenaline rush combined with stunning vistas of the valley below.

Complementing this iconic bridge is the nearby Paiva Walkways, an 8-kilometer wooden walkway system that winds along the Paiva River, showcasing the natural beauty of the Arouca Geopark. The walkways take you through rugged terrains, offering views of cascading waterfalls, impressive rock formations, and lush vegetation. The combination of the bridge and the walkways creates an immersive experience where visitors can explore the stunning natural landscapes of the region.

For adventurers and nature lovers, combining a visit to both the 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge and the Paiva Walkways provides an opportunity to appreciate the raw beauty of the Paiva River valley while enjoying an exhilarating and awe-inspiring journey. Whether it’s the thrill of crossing the suspension bridge or the tranquility of walking amidst nature on the wooden pathways, this experience promises an unforgettable encounter with Portugal’s natural wonders.

Join Us to this experience!

Cross the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world

8 Km hike on a wooden walkway by Paiva river

“Vau” beachRelax and enjoy the views along the way

Fantastic meal at a local restaurant

Insider tips from local guide

Small groups

“Pinguça” tasting

Aguieiras waterfall and viewpoint

Detailed itinerary

Starting from Porto, you will be picked up and driven through the Portuguese countryside until you reach these amazing nature tourism structures. Along the way to the 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge and the Paiva Walkways you will go by Arouca. In Arouca there is a convenient stop where you can grab a snack for the way if you. This town is famous for it’s traditional sweets! Once we reach Areinho (one of the entrances of Paiva Walkways), we start our journey by climbing the strairway of around 300 steps and reach the incredible 516 Arouca elevated about 175m above the Paiva River. Crossing this bridge is one unforgettable experience. Get all the information about this structure and be amazed with the views over to Aguieira Waterfall and Paiva River. You will continue you journey follwing the path of Paiva Walkways as it follows the flow of the river through the next 8 Km. Along the way you will be able to enjoy the wilderness and set your own pace. Enjoy the landscapes and the moment. Relax at Vau beach mid-way through the hike and carry on all the way to Espiunca, where our hiking ends. From Espiunca we will make a small connection to Alvarenga, where in a local restaurant you will have a great meal with the famous “Arouquesa” DPO meat (other options available). The day ends with a comfortable ride back to Porto, where you can keep on learning about Porto and culture directly from a local guide.

The sensation of walking over this architectural masterpiece, suspended in the air, offered a unique adrenaline rush and panoramic views that left me breathless! Unforgettable! Mary J.

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What's included:

Local Guide

a Typical Regional Lunch

Not included

✓ Meals not mentioned
✓ Flights to and from Portugal
✓ Visas if required
✓ Travel insurance
✓ Tourist taxes if applicable
✓ Fees not mentioned as included


All Year


8 hours (11am to 5pm)

Group Size

Minimum 2- Maximum 8

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Adult € 120 / Child (under 12) € 65 *children under 6y/o are not allowed to visit 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge