Azores – VISIT 4 ISLANDS – São Miguel . Pico . Faial . São Jorge

The beautiful Islands of the Azores await your discovery, join us on this adventure!


Tour Description

Welcome to the enchanting archipelago of the Azores, a hidden gem in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore four captivating islands – São Miguel, Pico, Faial, and São Jorge. Each island boasts its unique charm, landscapes, and cultural treasures, creating a tapestry of experiences that will linger in your memories forever.

Your journey through the Azores’ four islands promises an immersive experience, combining natural wonders, cultural heritage, and the warm hospitality of the Azorean people. Each island tells a story of its own, creating a mosaic of memories that will stay with you long after you bid farewell to this Atlantic paradise.

Come, let the Azores weave their magic on you as you embark on this unforgettable tour of São Miguel, Pico, Faial, and São Jorge.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1:

1st Day – São Miguel

Arrival in Ponta Delgada
Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel located in Ponta Delgada (Leave luggage)

*Hike Full Day Sete Cidades (if you arrive in the morning) or **Hike Half Day Sete Cidades or Half Day City Tour ( if you arrive in the afternoon)

Hike Sete Cidades full day
This trail starts near the “Muro das Nove Janelas”, a stone aqueduct once used to supply water to public fountains in the city of Ponta Delgada. Along this path it is possible to observe both Lagoons (Green and Blue), the 1st Natural Wonder of Portugal, as well as wide panoramic views of the north and south coasts of São Miguel and several species of endemic flora. The trail ends in the center of the parish of Sete Cidades. Upon arrival at the center of the parish, the return to Ponta Delgada will then begin.

Category: Linear
Distance: 12 Km
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 5 hours

Hike Sete Cidades half-day
This trail starts at the Lomba do Vasco Viewpoint and continues along the dirt path that skirts the Caldeira das Sete Cidades. Along the way, you can see wide views from inside the crater, such as Lagoas Verde and Azul, the parish of Sete Cidades, Caldeira Seca and Caldeira do Alferes, as well as the NWO (north-northwest) coast of the island. , with emphasis on the parishes of Ginetes, Várzea and Mosteiros with their four islets. Upon reaching the end of the dirt path, a stop is made at the Vista do Rei Viewpoint, so known for the fact that on July 6, 1901, King D. Carlos and Queen D. Amélia were there, and ends in the urban area of the parish of Sete Cidades. Return to Ponta Delgada. Category: Linear Distance: 7 Km Difficulty: Easy Average Time: 2h30/3h Or Half Day City Tour (Ponta Delgada) This day starts with a visit on foot to the center of Ponta Delgada, where you can observe its historic center and all the its buildings date from the 16th century, in which the baroque style is predominant. After passing through the historic center, a stop at Jardim António Borges, a public botanical garden, built in the 17th century. XIX, where you can admire hundreds of exotic species introduced on the island. Continuing, we visit the Mercado da Graça, a local market where products produced on the island are displayed and sold. Return to the Hotel.

Included – Transfers/Transportation in an 8-seat minivan, Portuguese/English guide assistance

Not Included – lunch; other supplements not mentioned in “included”


Day 2:

2nd Day – São Miguel – Hike Full day Furnas

The day begins with a stop in Vila Franca do Campo, the first capital of the island, where you can not only admire the famous islet of Vila Franca, but also visit the “Queijada do Morgado” factory. , convent sweet, better known as Queijadas da Vila (optional). Continuing the route, we head to Furnas, where, on the banks of the romantic Lagoa das Furnas, the trail will begin. Halfway through the trail, you can not only admire the Lagoon, but also several endemic and exotic species introduced to the island. A visit is then made to the Parque dos Cozidos, the place used to make the famous Furnas stew using only the heat coming from this volcano. After observing this phenomenon, the trail continues to the parish of Furnas where a stop will be made at Poça da Dona Beija (Thermal pool park), where you will have the opportunity to relax in these waters. After bathing, we head to the restaurant where Famoso stew will be served. After lunch, the return to Ponta Delgada begins, with a last stop at the Gorreana Tea Factory and plantations.

Category: Circular
Distance: 9.5
Difficulty: Easy Average
Duration: 3h00m

Included – Transport in 8-seater minivan, Portuguese/English guide assistance; lunch
Not Included – Tickets to the cooked park; Terra Nostra; Other supplements not mentioned in “Included”

Day 3:

3rd Day – Departure to Pico – Flight from Ponta Delgada

Pico Departure transfer from the Hotel (in Ponta Delgada) to the Airport – Departure to Pico Arrival transfer from the Airport to the Hotel in Pico (to leave luggage) Half day Hike Creation Vineyards (UNESCO Heritage) This linear route connects the parishes of Candelária to Areia Larga, in the municipality of Madalena. Distinguished in 2011 by BootsnAll, this route stands out for its scenic and cultural diversity. It develops almost entirely in the Vine Culture Protected Landscape area, one of the most emblematic of the island, comprising a large active wine-growing area, where the grid of walls is in perfect condition. Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2004, this route is rich in elements associated with the cultivation of vines, such as barrel rolls, relheiras, shelters, cellars, tide wells, among others.

Category: Linear
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 6.9 Km Average
Duration: 2h00
Included – Transfers/Transport in 8-seater minivan, Portuguese/English guide assistance Does
Not Included – Lunch; Other supplements not mentioned in “Included”

Day 4:

4th Day – Departure transfer from the Hotel (Pico) to the Maritime Terminal. FULL DAY SÃO JORGE Hike – Serra do Topo – Caldeira do Santo Cristo – Fajã dos Cubres

The trail starts in the northeast region of the Pico da Urze Wind Farm, ending in Fajã dos Cubres. This trail is distinguished by passing through places considered unique, highlighting the coastal lagoons of Fajãs da Caldeira de Santo Cristo and dos Cubres. Along the way, it is possible to be in constant contact with the characteristic biodiversity of this area.

Category: Linear
Distance: 10 Km
Difficulty: Medium Average
Duration: 3h00 Return to Pico by ferry at the end of the day Arrival transfer from the Maritime Terminal in Pico to the Hotel (without guide assistance on arrival)

Included – Transfers/Transport by minivan from 8 seats, Portuguese/English guide assistance; picnic; Round trip boat trip
Not Included – Other supplements not mentioned.

Day 5:

Day 5 – Pico, São Roque – Ascent to Pico Mountain

The highest mountain in Portugal, at 2351 m, is the third largest volcano in the Atlantic Ocean and constitutes a landmark in the landscape of the island of Pico. The ascent to the top of the mountain begins at 1250 meters above sea level, at Casa da Montanha ( Mountain house) , where registration and control in accordance with legislation are carried out. The walk to the top of the volcano is tiring, as it involves a difference in level of 1100 m, but it is compensated by the fantastic panoramic views that you have at the top of the mountain. It should be noted that, on days with good visibility, all the islands of the Central Group of the Azores can be seen.

Category: Circular
Distance: 12 Km
Duration: 6h00/7h00

Included – Transfers/Transportation, Portuguese/English guide assistance; pic nic

Not Included – Other supplements not mentioned

Day 6:

Day 6 – Pico – Faial, Horta

Transfer from the Hotel (Pico) to the Maritime Terminal Ferry trip to Faial Arrival in Faial – Transfer to the Hotel (Leave luggage)
Half day Hike Caldeira do Faial and visit to the interpretation center of the Capelinhos Volcano Inserted in a natural reserve of Caldeira do Faial and in a protected landscape area of the Central Zone, this circular route located in the center of the island shows an important geosite – the Boiler. About 2 kilometers in diameter, it was formed through numerous eruptions, interspersed with periods of calm, over the last 400,000 years. After the trail, there will be a visit to the Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Center (last eruption in 1957). Return to the Hotel.

Category: Circular
Distance: 8 Km
Difficulty: Easy Average
Duration: 3h00m

Included – Transfers/Transportation in 8-seater minivan, Portuguese/English guide assistance; one-way boat trip

Not Included – Lunch; Other supplements not mentioned

Day 7:

Day 7 – Faial – Half day Horta City Tour

Return to Lisbon Pedestrian tour through the city of Horta. For about 2 hours, we will see and understand several landmarks of this port city. Horta was a frivolous port city, especially during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The natural bay provided good shelter for any type of boat. From American whaling ships to submarine cable companies (German, British and American). Today, Horta’s marina is still a reference for yachts crossing the Atlantic. During the walk through the city of Horta, we have the opportunity to learn about the main historical events, from the first settlers who arrived in the 15th century. After the visit, return to the Hotel and transfer to the Airport. Flight to Lisbon.

Included – Transfers/Transportation in an 8-seat minivan, Portuguese/English guide assistance.

Not Included – Lunch; Flight; Other supplements not mentioned

What a wonderful tour!!The accommodations were nice, the food excellent, and the group delightful. We would happily return someday! Jay V.

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What's included:

2 Nights stay with daily breakfast and dinner (no drinks) at 4*Azoris Royal garden Hotel or similar in São Miguel island

3 Nights stay with daily breakfast at 4*Hotel Caravelas or similar in Pico Island

1 Night stay with breakfast and dinner (no drinks) at 4*Azoris Faial Garden Hotel or similar in Faial Island

Private walking/hiking guided tours with inclusions as mentioned in the program

Ferry boat tickets: Pico Island | São Jorge Island | Pico Island + Pico Island| Faial Island

Private transfers: Airports – Hotels – Hiking tours start & end points - maritime terminal of Pico, São Jorge, Faial islands as mentioned in the program

Not included

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Tourist taxes if applicable
  • Meals or drinks and snacks not previously mentioned
  • Fees not mentioned as ‘included’


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