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Witnessing Giants: An Unforgettable Whale Watching Adventure in the Azores

The Azores, a string of volcanic islands nestled in the mid-Atlantic, is a haven for cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises). Embark on a thrilling whale watching adventure and encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

A Whale Watcher’s Paradise: The Azores’ unique location at the confluence of warm and cold currents creates a rich feeding ground for a diverse array of cetaceans. Species like sperm whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and pilot whales frequent these waters, offering a spectacular encounter for whale watchers. You might even spot playful pods of dolphins frolicking alongside the boat, adding to the excitement.

Unforgettable Encounters: Witnessing a whale breach the surface or a pod of dolphins gracefully leap through the waves is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Imagine the thrill of spotting a sperm whale’s massive head emerge from the depths, or hearing the haunting song of a humpback whale echo across the ocean.

Respectful Observation: Responsible whale watching is paramount in the Azores. Tours are strictly regulated, ensuring minimal disruption to the cetaceans’ natural behavior. Experienced guides provide insightful commentary on the different species, their behaviors, and the importance of marine conservation.

Beyond the Whales: The Azores offer more than just whales. Keep an eye out for other marine life such as sea turtles, manta rays, and flying fish, making your whale watching experience even more captivating. The surrounding scenery is equally stunning, with volcanic islands rising from the ocean and dramatic cliffs creating a breathtaking backdrop.

An Educational Adventure: Whale watching in the Azores is an educational experience for all ages. Learn about the complex social structures of whales, their vital role in the marine ecosystem, and the ongoing efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.

Memories that Last a Lifetime: A whale watching adventure in the Azores is more than just a boat trip; it’s a chance to connect with nature’s wonders and create lasting memories. Capture breathtaking photos of breaching whales and playful dolphins, and share stories of your encounter for years to come.

Plan Your Azores Adventure: Start planning your unforgettable whale watching experience in the Azores. Choose from a variety of tours that cater to different interests and experience levels. With its commitment to responsible practices and abundant marine life, the Azores promises an unforgettable encounter with these majestic giants of the sea.

Join us on this adventure and discover the secrets of the Atlantic.

Note: Activity is subject to weather conditions. You will be advised in advance if it is not possible to do the activity.

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Pick-up / Drop-off (Free in P. Delgada)


Safety equipment (life-vest and wind proof jacket)


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• Lunch
• Drop Off



4 Hours

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minium 2 persons

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Adults: 65€ / Children 3 -11 years old: 32.50€ / < 3 years old: Free