Benagil Caves & Coastline Sailing Cruise

Explore the most famous Benagil Cave & the secrets of the coast


Tour Description

Discover the hidden treasures along the stunning Algarve coast during a 3 hours boat tour, exploring magnificent caves and rock formations, with a highlight being the majestic Benagil Cave.

Board in a  catamaran and enjoy a unique experience in a tranquil and sophisticated environment, where every moment is a celebration of the lush nature that defines this region.

During the tour, our experienced and passionate team will be at your disposal, sharing fascinating stories about the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Algarve.
Benagil Cave, with its impressive rock formations, is truly the highlight of this experience.

Arrive 30 minutes before the departue.

This activity is free for children up to 2 years old.
Towels are available for rent at check-in upon security deposit.
Due to safety reasons, disembarking in the caves is not allowed.

This activity can be done  with another catamaran which has an upper area (“Top Deck”), lounge, bar, 2 C’s and are equipped with free WiFi. ( extra coast 10.00€ per person) 

Enjoy the scenery and relax on a fully equipped catamaran. Points of interest: São Rafael area to Senhora da Rocha area. Visitit : Arch of Triumph / Captain's Cave / Praia do Submarino.

Praia da Marinha -A beach in Portugal, Algarve, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, its cliffs are breathtaking.

Benagil Caves -This famous cave features a sensational round hole in the ceiling that frames the beautiful blue sky inside.

Detailed itinerary

Tour Info

What's included:

Not included


Everyday 10h30 / 14h30


3 Hours

Group Size

Minimum 2

Price Info

42€ per person / Childrens (2-10 years) 32€