Stand Up Paddle Terceira Island

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Tour Description

Explore Ilha Terceira’s Stunning Coastline with Stand Up Paddleboarding

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Azores with stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on Ilha Terceira! Glide across crystal-clear waters, soaking in the island’s dramatic volcanic landscapes and vibrant marine life.

Unparalleled Views: SUP offers a unique perspective on Ilha Terceira’s coastline. Paddle along hidden coves, explore dramatic cliffs, and discover secluded beaches inaccessible by land. Witness the island’s volcanic history firsthand, marveling at lava formations and underwater volcanic vents.

Calm Waters and Diverse Marine Life: Ilha Terceira boasts calm bays and protected areas ideal for SUP enthusiasts of all levels. Experience the tranquility of paddling on glassy waters, keeping an eye out for playful dolphins, colorful fish, and majestic seabirds that call the Azores home.

Safety and Guidance: For an optimal experience, consider joining a guided SUP tour. Experienced instructors ensure your safety, provide essential instruction, and share fascinating insights into the island’s geology and marine ecology.

A Perfect Activity: SUP in Ilha Terceira is a fantastic activity for individuals, families, and groups. It’s a low-impact exercise suitable for most fitness levels, offering a refreshing way to explore the island’s scenic coastline.

Embrace Adventure: So, don’t miss this opportunity to experience Ilha Terceira from a whole new perspective! Take in the breathtaking scenery, feel the rhythm of the ocean, and create lasting memories on your Azores adventure.


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3 Hours

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Minium 2 persons

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Adults: 50€ / Children until 11 years old: 25€