KAYAK Tours in Ria Formosa  Faro-Olhão-Fuzeta-Tavira

Enjoy the natural beauty and discover the variety of wildlife to be found in this protected area of the Algarve. With this tour, you'll sail the waters of the area by kayak, in an unforgettable day!


Tour Description

By kayak  discover Ria Formosa, one of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal.

We have daily kayak tours. Enjoy a sunrise tour or a sunset tour, they are amazing!

The Kayak tour in Ria Formosa is a must do and, there is no one better than our professionals to guide you on this adventure.

As a couple, with family or friends, this is an experience you will never forget!

These are the kayak tours that we propose to you:



Olhão Kayak Tour

Olhão kayak tour takes us to Armona island, one of the 5 barrier islands from Ria Formosa. This tour is ideal  for families, due to the quietness of the location were it takes place. This tour is one of our most wanted tours due to the beauty of the location and quietness of the waters, because this is almost a boat free area and, also because allow us to visit one of the barrier islands.

The tour takes us through the calm waters of Ria Formosa to the oyster nurseries. Along the way we have the chance to see different species of birds that make this lagoon system his habitat.


On Armona island it’s time to rest a little bit, go for a refreshing swim in the calm waters of Ria Formosa, having the possibility to watch some species that habit in this waters.

After the rest in Armona island, time to get back to the starting point.

The tour have a duration of 2h30 and its ideal for al levels, with and without experience.

Tavira Kayak Tour

Tavira kayak tour takes us to Tavira island through Gilão River.

After a stop in Tavira island, we start our back way to the starting point.

Before we end our tour, we still have the opportunity to see the city of Tavira in a different perspective, from the water. 


The tour have a duration of 2h30 and its ideal for al levels, with and without experience.


Fuseta Kayak Tour



The kayak tour in Fuseta take us to the channel that connets Fuseta to Olhão, were we will have the chance to see the oysters nurseries.

This tour gives us also the chance to see from very close the emblematic and a mark of this fishermans village, the old ISN building.

During the tour we take the opportunity to make a stop in Fuseta island, cross it and go from a swim in the ocean.

The tour have a duration of 2h30 and its ideal for al levels, with and without experience.


Faro Kayak Tour


The kayak tour in Faro can take two directions, one towards Faro, which takes us through the channels of Ria Formosa and the other towards Ludo, Quinta do Lago.

Whatever the option, a relaxing tour that allows the observation of several species of birds that make the Ria Formosa in its habitat.

The tour have a duration of 2h30 and its ideal for al levels, with and without experience.


The sunrise and Sunset Tours:

A different way to welcome a new day, is what we propose. 

These are the two magical times of the day.  we give you the opportunity to welcome the new day in a kayak tour. The calm waters of the Ria are perfect to start a new day at its best. The sunset… An apotheotic moment, the culmination of another day. This is the best possible way to say goodbye to another day, to say goodbye to the great fireball that illuminates and warms us. From the waters of the Ria Formosa, this is a privileged perspective to watch the sunset and all the orange tones from this time of the day. The tours have a duration of 2h30 and it’s ideal for all levels




Winter and summer the weather in Algarve helps to make this an unforgettable Kayak experience.

The quiet pace of the Kayak allows you to observe the many species that make Ria Formosa its habitat.

Our activities are always guided by a duly certified instructor so that you can enjoy your tour to the fullest and always safely.

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What's included:

Neoprene suit

All activities are always guided by a  certified SUP instructor, allowing that you, your friends and family enjoy the maximum of our tours, always in safety.

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Group Size

Min 2 Pax/ Max 10 Pax

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30€ per person